Gili Trawangan

Terribly sad to leave such a wonderful place, we paid for our stay and said our goodbyes to Wayung and the wonderful city of Ubud bright and early. Getting in our taxi for our hour long ride to the ferry that would take us to Gili Trawangan, again everyone dozed off for a nice nap. Not wanting to miss anything I stayed awake, seeing the only ‘real’ highway in Bali and noticing more and more pollution as we drove through the country and small cities on our way to Padangbai. Once in Padangbai, we were all starving and in dire need for some breakfast before catching our ferry. Once checked in with the ferry company and given nearly an hour to relax before the boat boarded for Gili T we went searching for food. We stopped at Okay Scuba, a nice little restaurant that served both authentic local cuisine and American food. I indulged in the crepe with a side of tropical fruit, jam and tea, while the others got eggs or the same as myself. Waiting got a bit troublesome with my stomach urging me to fill it, but the hammocks next to our table in the sun where calling my name. I got up and swung in one for about ten minutes before our food came out from the kitchen. Sad to get out of the hammock that was perfect for enjoying the sound of the waves crashing nearby and reminiscing about home, but more importantly my food and tea was waiting. Sitting back down on the lawn furniture in the beautiful sun, I grabbed my utensils to enjoy my crepe smeared with jam and lapses of fruit and sips of slightly sweetened tea. After everyone was finished with their wonderful breakfast, it was time to wander to the ferry where we boarded for the two hour trip across the Lombok Strait to the Gili Islands.

The ferry was steaming hot due to it being at capacity and no seating outside creating an uncomfortable environment. We may have been dying of heat and sweating our butts off, but there was nothing like the view from our seats. Peaks covered in foliage rose from the waters edge in the distance with white puffy clouds scattered about across the beautifully blue and sunny sky. We wiped the sweat from our upper lips and brows, even shifting in our seats to escape the sweat as much as we could to make the ride as remotely comfortable as possible. Being as patient as I could and focusing on the island that wasn’t to far away, I managed to not go mad waiting for the boat to dock. Finally the island was in sight and the water became increasingly blue. The bluest of blues I have ever seen and I was about to spend the next three days swimming in it. The boat did not dock, but rather beached itself, creating for an interesting disembarkment. We stepped down one by one off the bow of the boat to  gather our bags as they were hauled off and placed in the sand for us. We were finally here!

IMG_5431       IMG_5435    IMG_5439       IMG_5440     IMG_5443  11137170_910175119040074_6650731972483673818_n

Day 1 | Travel – Beach

Taking in the quiet and relaxed atmosphere, I realized this would be as the travel agent described, a must see place. One of the three Gili Islands, Gili T would be where we would spend the next few days. There were no cars here on Gili T, but rather bikes and horse drawn carriage, making the crazy motorways a thing of the recent past. Elated at the not so crazy traffic we split up to check into our hotels. Jesse, Jenna and myself booked at a separate location due to lack of availability at the girls hotel. We would be staying at The Temple of Enthusiasm, a beautiful little place inland from Becca, Kristen and Marissa and the boys that would be arriving later. Following the signs for The Temple along the dirt two lane road, we knew we were headed in the right direction. Moving to the side of the road dragging our bags in the dirt when we heard the shoes from a horse get louder and the driver ring his bell,  educating us more on the culture and customs of the island. Upon arrival at The Temple of Enthusiasm we were treated to great hospitality from the owner and the local who works for her. The Temple consisted of three small huts and we would be staying in Love. Entering the hut, we were to take off our shoes, dip our feet in the bowl of water and enter. The hut had its own outdoor seating area, air conditioning and a private bathroom. The room had a large bed and a small pull out couch for us. I took the couch, giving Jesse and Jenna the large bed to sprawl out on, since they were best friends. Wandering through the hut, curious to see what our bathroom looked like, I found myself at the back door with a small latch. The bathroom was outside with complete privacy and half a roof. I hadn’t used an outdoor bathroom in ages and was looking forward to showering outdoors and air drying in the heat each night before relaxing in the our cool room. Herman, the local employee, asked if we would like coffee or tea and we would be able to receive either at any time of day throughout our stay. I opted for the tea, of course, while Jesse and Jenna asked for coffee. After sipping our beverages of choice, we were excited to meet the other girls to see the beach and what else the island had to offer. Changing for the beach, I realized my gifts from the jewelry maker were missing, I searched every inch of my bags, even emptying them with no luck. I was confused, upset and had no idea what to do, other than be quiet and hope for the best.  Off to meet the other girls and see what this beautiful island had to offer, I hoped one of the other girls had picked up what I had lost. Unsure of when the girls would be ready, we walked to their hotel to get them to go to the beach together and ask if they had seen my jewelry. Once we arrived and asked, no one had seen my jewelry. One of the girls sent the boys back on Bali a message and with nothing else to do but enjoy the island, we were off to relax on the white sandy beaches and in the warm tropical water. We laid out and went for a swim with Becca’s GoPro, taking pics together enjoying the amazing crystal clear water. I took a moment to just enjoy myself and take notice of where I was. Finding the positive in this day by floating on the surface and listening to the silence underwater. This moment brought me to reality and made me feel like this is where I belonged right here and now, no matter how troubled I was emotionally.

The waves weren’t the only thing we sought to enjoy on the island. Our stomachs were eager to find some food and we were now in mellow mode for vacation. Always on the go in Ubud, we were constantly on the look out for adventure, but Gili meant time to relax and take in the good tropical vibes. The girls did what they could to contact the boys back on Bali to see what they could do, but were unsure what they could do. I did the only thing I knew how to, pray, pray for hope. I prayed to Saint Anthony, the one whom you pray to, to recover lost objects. I prayed and prayed to find the things I had put much thought into, the things I wanted dearly to give to those who I had planned to. The girls felt bad, knowing how much money I had spent on the gifts, but couldn’t do anything for me. We left the beach in search of some comfort food and ordered what suited us. I ordered a few things off the menu, but none of my food came, seriously none. I got my drink, but that was all. Everyone else received their food and the waitress seemed to believe she had given us everything, handing us the bill moments later. Having the nerve of charging me for everything I wasn’t given, I refused to pay or return here, so I left. Unhappy, hungry and upset, we returned to the beach to swim. I cleared my head by lounging on one of the chairs, noticing our waitress searching for me to pay my bill. Very upset now, I went into the water to hide, as I had enough going on in my head as it was. Turning my rough day into laughter we started joking about how nothing was going right for me. What better way to turn a frown upside down than to laugh at yourself and what life is throwing at you, am I right? Having all talked about extending our stay here in the carefree state we were all in, we made plans to talk to our hotels and change our ferry ticket. Shortly after it began to ran, leaving the girls and I with the decision to leave the beach, head back to The Temple to change and get ready for dinner with all the girls and guys arriving shortly. I walked back alone because Jesse and Jenna wanted to enjoy the water a bit longer, giving me the opportunity to shower first in our outdoor shower. Following the signs again, I found my way and took a much needed outdoor shower before changing when the others arrived back.

Having discussed extended our stay with our hotel, dressed and ready to go in time to meet everyone as we discussed prior to separating we headed to meet the girls. Starving because I never got my food for lunch, we passed a corn on the cob street vendor. Jesse and I decided that we would try some and opted for the medium spicy butter to be lathered onto our corn. Chowing down on the corn as we walked the remainder of the way to the girls hotel, but not before stopping at a few of the shops along the way. Coming up short because the prices were so high and they wouldn’t barter like in Ubud, we steered our eyes away from the beautifully expensive items for much needed food. By this point the boys had arrived and were getting ready in the same hotel as the girls. We all gathered to find a place to eat for another family dinner. By this point nearly everyone was down for any food, leading us to a nearby bar and restaurant for pizza and beers. The margarita pizza Jesse and I split was alright, but it did the job being washed down with an ice cold Bintang. While enjoying our pizza and drinks, Jake, at the other end of the table, called out to me, saying he had a surprise. He, along with the crew sitting next to him informed me that our driver from our last day in Ubud found my bag that I had dropped in the car. Instead of just taking it, he drove back to our hotel and found Jake to return what was left behind. Jake thanked him and made sure to bring the bag to me, returning it safe and sound. I was so happy I could have cried and I did a little. As soon as he said I have a surprise, I knew St. Anthony and all my prayers paid off. I thanked Jake with the biggest smile on my face and made sure to thank God and St. Anthony for their help in returning my precious gifts.

Happy and finished up with our meal, we wandered out of the restaurant and into a nearby club to enjoy some more drinks and one another, now that I was in a pleasant mood I was ready for more fun. Jake pulled out his dance moves and we all had a good laugh enjoying ourselves at The Jungle. Having seen the beautiful sunset before dinner, but not truly appreciating it in my upset state, I now was enjoying myself and laughing. Kristen asked if a volcano was erupting in the distance making all of us look and feel a bit nervous, but it turned out to be the moon. The moon was out of this world, it was glowing as if it were lava, creating for some funny jokes to later come on behalf of Kristen’s comment and our initial embarrassing freak out. With the moon high and elated to be here, we took to the beach and wanted to go for a night swim. Not making it to the secluded spot we were in search of, my cute greek leather sandals broke when I tripped over a rock. Calling it a night soon after, we walked back to the main strip and split off to make our way back to our hotels. Barefoot and giddy about my life coming together, I found a calmness when I laid on my comfortable bed in conclusion of our first night on Gili T with great fun ahead.

IMG_5670   IMG_5492  IMG_5448      IMG_5660 IMG_5661  IMG_5666  IMG_5613   IMG_5451     IMG_5449  10956209_10206675085181276_6667204501837781695_n  IMG_5558 IMG_5454IMG_5472  IMG_5459

Day 2 | Beach

Up after much needed rest and sleeping in, we got ourselves up and out to the seating area for Herman to make us some breakfast and drinks. Ordering the amazing Balinese banana pancakes with coffee and tea, we waited patiently. Our beverages were boiling hot and our stomachs empty, we couldn’t have been happier to see something laid in front of us, it really could have been anything. Herman nforming us we could wait and sit anywhere we liked. Choosing our porch for breakfast because of how cute and cozy it was, in addition to putting my tea inside the air conditioned room, just seemed like a no brainer. With my tea cool enough to drink and my pancake in front of me, I sat down in the cozy chair adjacent to both of the girls. Having devoured, what was the BEST banana pancakes we had ever tasted. Ubud pancakes were good, but it was silk in our mouths and washed down with lightly sweetened tea or coffee that gave us the kick start we needed to get moving on this beautiful first full day on Gili.

With our stay extended and eager to see and do more, we packed up after filling our bellies with amazing food to head to the beach. Stopping at a cute shop, Casa Vintage, on the path from our hotel to the main road. Spending sometime checking out the shop, we made sure to come back again before we left. Hustling to meet everyone at the time we talked about, but not showing at the beach, Jesse, Jenna and I waited. Meanwhile, we were approached by a vendor whom braided hair. Jenna and I didn’t care to get ours done, but Jesse bartered for a better price and went for it. Shakira is what he called her because of her beautiful long blonde hair. They talked and he did a strand of hair with string, like they do in most tropical places, but he also added some shells, making it beautifully done. Laughing, enjoying ourselves and having paid him, he wandered off down the beach and we continued to wait for the girls. Once we lost our patience we sought them out to get the group back together. Once we found them, we discussed the advice our hotel owner gave us to go further down the beach this time. She advised us that it would be more sandy and less coral, making for more of an experience for us. Talking to the everyone the three of us gloated about how amazing our place was and how the owner is from Spain. She arrived here for a vacation and just never left. All of us agreed now seeing how amazing this place was, no cars, amazing locals and always a beautiful place to explore that she made a good decision. It has been three years since she came and now that she’s here, she owns our hotel and spends her days tending to her guests and enjoying the beautiful island.

All happy as can be and finally all together, we managed to make our way towards the end of the island where we wanted to relax today. On our way we say a turtle sanctuary and went in to see the tanks filled with little baby turtles ready to be released into the wild soon enough to help increase the population. Taking videos and photos of the adorable little guys swimming and gliding through the water with ease was by far the coolest thing I have seen. I have seen turtles before, but not little teeny tiny ones like this. Having seen and taken digital memories of the turtle sanctuary, we made it the remainder of the way to the beach.  Finding some chairs to sit on and running into the water to cool down, it was time to just chill out and enjoy Gili on this beautiful morning. Little did we know there would be locals joining us in the fun today. Two little Indonesian boys were playing on the beach in front of us and before we knew it we were friends. Marissa being great with kids, played with the boy throwing a ball back and forth dramatically making him laugh. Our hearts being full listening to his little giggle and seeing how happy he was for being so poor. Kids don’t need money to be happy and that was definitely the case with this little boy and his brother. They were literally were throwing money away in the ocean, we laughed and made sure they brought the money back to their parents. They enjoyed playing with us and speaking their language to one another, vaguely understanding ours. Having a great time and off to go get some lunch, we were truly living this Gili life right. Saying our goodbyes to the two cuties we collected all of our things and went for a walk to enjoy some lunch at a place near our hotel that we saw and were desperate to check out. Checking out Taco Corner for some lunch, I ordered the Macho Nacho with a Sprite to have something other than water. Mexican in Australia hasn’t been very good, but rather their Asian is top notch. Missing Mexican in the U.S. we were ready for a taste of home. The nachos were covered with gooey cheese and chunks of chicken that I drizzled with the sour cream, dipped into the guacamole and topped with the salsa. The crunchiness from the chip, creaminess from the cheese and sour cream, and the refreshing bite of guac and salsa made for a great pallet parade. Being washed down with the refreshing Sprite, I was full once again. With a full tank I was ready for what was next.

Back at it, we walked to meet up with the boys and see what they were up to. Not interested in what we were doing and starting to feel sick (Bali belly) they did their own thing. With the afternoon to kill before having dinner, we decided to do some real shopping this time. Stopping at several of the shops trying to find something that caught our attention and barter the price down to a reasonable one. We were expected to take our shoes off at each place and rushing from one to the next to keep up began to be a struggle for my little legs and eager mind to be pulled away from one place, but since my sandals were broken it wasn’t as tough as it might have been. No one seemed to find a swim suit, like we all had hoped, but there were tons of cute little trinkets. Sadly nothing came of our shopping spree, but it was still fun to see all the cute places.

Concluding our afternoon we made sure to chill out on the beanbag chairs that over looked the water with some refreshments. I chose the Hazelnut Mocha Energy for some chocolaty goodness with a jolt. Relaxing and enjoying the music, our toes in the sand and the sound of waves crashing just feet in front of us, it was truly wonderful. Taking photos and sipping sweet goodness, while Becca made everyone laugh by going one by one to get ‘mug shots ‘ of us all. Good till the last drop my smoothie was empty and closing my eyes to take in the sounds of everyone having a good time and nature, I felt content. With our beverages gone it was time to head back to our hotels to ready ourselves for dinner. We made do with getting ourselves together quickly and returning back to the main strip where we went for some authentic street food for dinner.

The boys joining us once again, we divided and conquered the market. I split food with Jenna and got an array of item from one really cool, fun and knowledgable vendor. With a few vegetarian options and some chicken we were all set to split and try as much as possible here on the island. Stuffed and feeling like I could never walk back to our hotel again, I rested until people started talking dessert. Nutella pancakes were just meters away from where we were sitting. For some reason I was instantly hungry again and ready to split dessert with Jenna as well. Watching our pancake be made in front of our eyes at the stall, I blamed Jake for telling us about the pancakes because I knew after this I definitely wouldn’t be able to get back to our hotel without feeling a bit sick. Hot and not really able to touch it without burning ourselves, we couldn’t handle waiting after we watched the man make it and slather between its layers a heap of Nutella. Pulling pieces off and slightly burning our fingers we devoured what our eyes told us to. Having cleaned out the box it was delivered in, I officially had an overload of chocolate and authentic food, leaving me wanting to fall backwards off the bench seat I was sitting on. It took every fiber of my being to not, but I held myself together long enough to pick my oversized stomach off the bench and walk off every single calorie I just ate in the last hour. Near unable to more, we said goodnight to one another and went our separate ways to burn it off and basically be horizontal for the remainder of the evening. With an overfull stomach and another outstanding day in Gili, I took a shower and called it a night.

IMG_5667    IMG_5470    IMG_5479 IMG_5483    IMG_5485  11143334_910175552373364_5472473008025825433_n   IMG_5508   11133981_10206675091701439_4316187680339705385_n   IMG_5513   IMG_5515    IMG_5516

Day 3 | Exploring – Beach – Snorkel – Sunset

Eager after relaxing for a couple days to get out and do something different with our day, I opted for the eggs and toast for breakfast. Not going back on my choice for change, I asked for the orange juice. Parallel to the increased deliciousness of my banana pancakes, these eggs were magnificent. The orange juice brought me back to my childhood of drinking tang and nothing could have started my morning better than that. Regardless of the girls thinking I was a bit nuts for not having banana pancakes. In for an adventure Jesse, Jenna and I decided to do a bit of exploring and see the other side of the island.

What quicker and more exhilarating way to find the other side than to cut through the center of the island? That is exactly what we did and that isn’t all we found. The island seemed to be cleaner than Bali, but this was where they kept it all, there in a clearing in the distance was a massive mound of garbage being circled by birds. Upset by this, we accepted it as a cultural difference and focused on the holy cows that were walking freely about the dirt road and grass with bells hung around their necks doing as they pleased. Quite skittish, as we approached, we kept our distance to not scare the harness animals as we examined the surroundings and took photos of what we were seeing. This part of the island, hidden from the tourists and yet filled with their trash as a distant memory of who visited the island in previous years.

Happy to see the end of the road and being treated to the blue water and white sandy beaches. There was a little boy riding a horse on the beach bareback, both intriguing me and rendering me immobile until I realized the girls were walking away. Walking along the water I fell behind as I took photos and scooped up shells for safe keeping. Shells that were white, but had hues of pink and purples that I could not possibly pass up. The water making them look shiny and elevating the color contrasts to urge me to keep them. Scooping them up and running to catch up to Jesse and Jenna. Taking in the last of our sights on this side of the island before returning to the other side to meet the girls at Casa Vintage and rent snorkel gear for the second adventure of our day.

Late meeting the others at the store we wandered towards the beach we were at yesterday. Stopping to find some snorkel gear, I browsed a stand that had handmade jewelry. Feeling the strongest urge to buy something, but more importantly the anklet that was navy with five turquoise beads tied into it. I bartered the price down and the shop owner even offered to tie it on for me. With my anklet on tight, snorkel gear paid for and at the beach, the girls showed up in time for us to break into two groups for some snorkeling fun. Jesse, Jenna and myself assembled and swam off into the shallow water that increasingly began to deepen and become more full of life below the surface. Jesse and Jenna got ahead of me for a bit because I stopped to fix my snorkel that was leaking. Thinking it was fixed I was off again and again it began to leak. Doing this routine over and over as I got deeper without realizing the bottom was much further from where I could touch, panic began to set in. On my last leg to fix the snorkel it was no hope and feeling as if I was going to drown. I headed back focusing on each stroke and my breathing until I could touch again without feeling I would die here just meters off the coast of Gili T.  Touching now, still trying to fix the snorkel, but unable to do what was needed I went back early missing the turtles that the girls seen while they were out in the deep end. Upset and finding Kristen, Marissa and Becca having a great time with their coconut they bought, I felt increasingly worse about my abilities to swim, to fix the snorkel and feel like I fit in. I put down the snorkel and vaguely told the girls what happened, laying out on the chair to calm my nerves and collect myself before the others got back. Jesse and Jenna were back soon after I got myself together to trade off the snorkels and rest in the shallows.

Marissa, Kristen and Becca out for their swim the three of us chilled out and relaxed waiting for them to get back. The girls came back after seeing some really cool stuff, making me feel more like crap, but I was happy they were able to see it. The girls saw and hung out with a green sea turtle taking some cool GoPro photos. Back and deciding to get some smoothies and do a little more shopping we grabbed our things. Not before taking the final sips out of the coconut the girls bought while Jesse, Jenna and I were out in the water. Off for some smoothies we found a restaurant, grabbed a table and this time I was served. Enjoying a refreshing pineapple smoothie before hitting more of the shops again. The shops were a no go for me, including a stop at a massage salon that rejected me. Calling it quits on both trying to get a massage and buying anything on this island, I was ready for something fun. The girls and I headed back to the others hotel to enjoy a soak in the pool. Telling secrets, talking about our lives back home in the states and laughing at one another, we enjoyed some quality girl time on this beautiful laid back island.

Itchy and starting to feel hungry, we ditched the pool for a shower before planning to go out to a nice dinner together with everyone. Making the walk back to our hotel, taking turns getting ready and looking nice for a nice dinner together on the resort side of the island, we grabbed our cash and walked back to meet the crew. Walking, walking and walking we passed everything to see the sunset and didn’t even get a good one, like we had hoped and were told we would see. The sun seemed to just drop out of the sky and go from light to solid cloud cover to black. We made our way back with the sky still being semi lit to a nice restaurant we passed earlier when we were walking for ages. The boys didn’t seem into the place we decided to be seated at, leaving to find their own venue for dinner. We enjoyed more girl talk and ordering heaps of food because, when in Bali…, the food here is seriously cheap and we weren’t going to pass up an extraordinary meal for next to nothing. Getting the focaccia with pesto for an appetizer and the steak for my meal. I was utterly satisfied and open to sharing as much as anyone liked because I really couldn’t finish all the bread. Rich, flavorful and dense the bread was a must to pawn off on my friends to try because I wanted to save room for my main course and yes, dessert. The steak was perfectly cooked to medium rare with a well balance of seasoning and delivered with wonderful roasted veggies and crisp fries. Seriously full, again, I couldn’t handle getting dessert here. Our bill was minuscule compared to what it should have been. I put down just over $10 (USD) in Indonesian Rupees for all that food and couldn’t have been happier for what was delivered to me. Wanted to take a walk after our wonderful fancy, yet cheap meal, we walked the path heading back.  Stopping at Casa Vintage on this side of the island for a break and enjoy their outdoor furniture. A beautiful hammock, that was like the one I had at home and several drift wood and whicker swings that we enjoyed while listening to the waves crash on the shore. After sitting for a short while, we realized that a storm was coming because there were several flashes in the distance that startled us at first, but calmed me when I tuned everything out but the waves and the flashes. I love thunderstorms with every fiber of my being, even if the thunder is intense. Reminiscing about home laying in the hammock and watching the flashes and beginning rumbles in the distance entice my memory even deeper back to high school when my friends and I would meet up just to sit and watch a storm roll in and take over. After a tough emotional morning, I needed what nature offered me to remind me of how little I am in the grand scheme of things.

With my perspective back in alignment we made our way back along the dark path. Being guided by phone lights, we were startled when we heard a bell just behind us. Moving aside quickly for the horse and carriage to pass, we knew we were close to being back. On the main strip I bought dessert, this time strachiatella gelato. It may be Italian, but when in Bali… it’s cheap. Done for the night we said our goodbyes and were back by 10pm. Laughing at how sad we were for not staying out a little later, but we were on a relaxing vacation, so that we did. In bed shortly after, but not before the storm rolled in. Feeling a sense of calm with the rain and light crackle of thunder I closed my eyes for another night on my cosy pull out couch at The Temple.

IMG_5518    IMG_5519  IMG_5520 IMG_5522 IMG_5523 IMG_5530  11113021_910176132373306_7219657784549564327_n   IMG_5546  11136668_10152847622002081_1413611182212848738_n  IMG_5557  IMG_5490 IMG_5560 11167659_972491199457564_1400594913908134024_o IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5583 IMG_5589 IMG_5593

Day 4 | Storm – Beach – Showering Under the Stars

Being woke up in the middle of the night from the thunderstorm craze, I was sure the small latch on the door was going to break open. Trying to get back to sleep, I managed a couple more hours before waking up early from religious songs being played so loud that, what I believe, the entire island could hear. Slightly on edge because I didn’t get enough rest, I got myself up to sip some amazing tea and return to my order of banana pancakes. Everything was utterly soaked, making it interesting to walk around The Temple and after breakfast to get ready and make our way to meet the others. We got ready and went to beach around eleven to meet everyone for another relaxing day on the beach. Laying out and soaking up as much sun as remotely possible, being our last day on Gili, we wanted to do it right and absorb as much of Gili before we were to head back to Bali for our final few days on vacation in paradise. Doing nothing but laying out for a couple hours, it was time to get some lunch. Marissa being my go to girl for hungry moments, mainly because we were almost always hungry at the same time. I had heard about the soup at a couple of the vendors around the beach, so that is exactly what I did. I got soup with meat balls and noodles for lunch. Ordering there seemed to be an issue because he put it directly into a bowl. Unsure if I misspoke, I asked for a take-away container. Chuckling and looking at Marissa I walked away with a plastic bag with soup in it. What better way to get take-away, am I right? Having salty goodness with a couple meatball eggs and noodles, I was elated to try some ethnic food and urging others to take the spare spoon and try as much as they liked. Everyone trying a bit and enjoying it as much as I did before stuffed and unable to eat another bite, I laid back down for more sun. Antsy, I decided to go for a short walk down the beach in search of more shells. Not finding much on my journey, but rather just having some alone time was nice.

Having walked back at our hotel and everyone joining us this time to see what the hype was all about. Being greeted by some more Indonesian kids, it started to rain a bit again, but without failure we embraced it. Andy had an idea, rather than just sit around and do nothing, he went down to the road to a stand to buy a bag of balls to play with from the kids family. Coming back telling us how much it was, we told him to go back and be stern cause that price was to much. Returning this time with the bag, Andy and Jake took the balls and gave them to the kids. The walkways between huts and just outside the front entrance erupted with laughter and smiling faces. The guys warmed our hearts as they played with the little kids whom had so little in their lives. Running around crazy, until the owner showed up, the kids and the guys knew it was time to call it a day.

Having enjoyed ourselves we divided up to get ready for another nice dinner, but to lazy to shower, I left with the girls to catch the sunset on our final day here on Gili. Walking back to one of the beaches we passed on our way to dinner yesterday, we stopped and wandered through the trees to find a beautiful and secluded area where we would watch the sunset. We arrived on time to watch the colors begin to change, going from daylight to softening with hues of blue, purple, pink and orange smeared across the sky and a light brushing of white from the clouds that lurked from the storm that had passed. As time passed, the colors got more and more intense, creating the most beautiful sunset I have ever laid my eyes on. Everyone took photos for themselves and for one another. Jesse offered to take some photos of me and without realizing it she caught me tossing a shell back into the ocean, making for one of my favorite photos of all time. Having seen the sun go down and taking as many photos as we all could before leaving, we made our way to dinner at Scallywags. Having some amazing aromas coming from the kitchen on the right side of the road, while the seating was to the left along the water. Deciding to pile the food on tonight and not leaving any doubt in our minds because the sign said Don’t Panic it’s Organic. I ordered the salad bar along with the Chicken Tandoori from the BBQ. Food on food on food was placed in front of me and chosen by me. I honestly feel like I performed a magic trick eating two plates of the salad bar, my chicken and the baked potato. If that wasn’t enough I even treated myself to the sorbet. Asking the waiter what the flavors of the day where, I went with the caramel sorbet. Seriously, I’m not sure how or why I was able to eat that much as I did, but it was gone.

With full stomachs and worried about Becca, we went back to check on her. She had gone back to her room before we finished dinner and were unsure of how she was. Thinking she ate something weird or just needed rest we hung out for a bit, but wanted to let her be for the night. Knowing near half the group had been experiencing or experienced Bali belly, we figured Becca must be the next to endure it. Calling it a night on our final day in Gili, Jesse, Jenna and I made our way to our hotel in the dark. I hadn’t had the chance to shower yet and I was excited to shower under the stars. I locked the door, turning out the lights in the bathroom for my eyes to readjust. Looking up at the stars and listening to the crickets taking my time to the point that I didn’t get all the soap out off of my body. Chuckling I went back to turn the water on after I had already left and started to dry myself off. What better reason to have to go back in after about five minutes than, I was to busy to be bothered to do it the right way the first time because I was looking at the stars and listening to the crickets? Making sure this time I got every excess bit off of my skin, I was finally ready to pack my things and lay down for the last time on my little pull out couch being beyond grateful for every moment today and all the days we had spent here on Gili T.

IMG_5595   IMG_5596    IMG_5598  IMG_5608   IMG_5605  11187423_972491236124227_1218288724459207397_o   IMG_5615   IMG_5629  IMG_5651   IMG_5652   IMG_5654

Day 5 | Goodbye Gili T, Back to the big island

Waking up semi early to grab our last serving of outstanding banana pancakes and tea, we said our goodbyes to Herman and The Temple, but not before he treated us to some orange juice and saw us off. Saying goodbye to Gili T was even tougher than saying goodbye to Ubud, but for different reasons. Ubud gave us adventure, while Gili T gave us relaxation and true gluttony. Heading to the ferry I took as many photos as I could to remember what I had seen and experienced. Handing off my luggage and boarding the boat, I took my last long glance at such a peaceful and beautiful place here on Earth. Whispering to myself, goodbye Gili Trawangan, I’ll see you again as I turned to take a seat and the boat left the dock.

IMG_5665   IMG_5663  IMG_5675

The Temple of Enthusiasm


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